KOALA ECO’s New Hand Sanitiser with Tea Tree Leaf

The On-The-Go Option for Hand Hygiene

While our products have been tested and proved to kill 99.999% of germs, viruses and bacteria when used as directed, we know that sometimes people need a product for when they are on the go. During these challenging times, people are looking for additional reassurance and peace of mind.

So we’ve prioritised production of our Natural Hand Sanitiser, making sure that it contains the essential oil from one of nature’s most potent disinfectants: Tea Tree.

The pungent Melaleuca Alternifolia has incredible cleansing properties, and we have combined its oil with glycerin and sugar-based biodegradable alcohol (the essentials for gel-based sanitiser).

A coin-sized amount in your palm is enough – however, frequent use is recommended.

We will using this in our own home, as an extra, on-the-go option for us and our boys to keep our hands clean and everyone as safe as possible.

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