Bush Sticks
Bush Sticks
Bush Sticks

Bush Sticks

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Our Bush Sticks are responsibly sourced from the Australian Outback and will drive your dog WILD with excitement! These yummy kangaroo treats for dogs can be rewarded as whole, snapped into a piece at a time or even cut into small chunks for a tasty training treat.

What is a Bush Stick?

We mince our Kangaroo meat and press into natural casing to form a sausage shape before they hang in our drying rooms slowly for 96 hours. The result…. a snapable treat they can chew or crunch on.

What dogs are they suitable for?

Any dog will enjoy these sticks. Although they feel hard on the outside they are actually pretty easy to break so ideal for breaking in half or cut up small for little rewards or training

Why All Barks?

We give your dogs a taste of Australia with our superior 96 hour air-drying method that optimises the nutritional benefits of our raw product using a heat & cooling technique to assist in giving your dog’s health a natural boost. We responsibly source our ingredients from licensed establishments and are government certified for peace of mind. Moreover, we only use 100% Australian ingredients and we guarantee that no antibiotics or chemical preservatives are added. We care about what we do and love providing your dog with the best natural, Australian dog treats.

Ingredients: 98% Minced Kangaroo Meat, 1% Natural Casing, 1% vinegar and salt.
Nutritional Analysis: Crude Protein 79%, Moisture 14.8%, Crude Fat 4.6%, Crude Fibre 0.2%.
Bag Size: Pack of 5 / Each stick is approx 18cm long

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